How to create a form ?

Discover how to create a form with our universal online form builder.

Create your form with FormForAll's universal online form builder. Drag & drop among tens of predefined fields and options the ones you need : name, email, address, phone, radio buttons, matrix, text, file upload, ... See how to create an online survey form, a contact or a login form in such a few seconds. Discover its exclusive features such as Social login (have your web users registering with their Facebook and Google plus profile) and multilingual display. Set up design and other options among which the possibility to create your form online with a Captcha at the end of it or to create a form with double optin. To embed your html / php form, choose between the JavaScript and the URL link we provide you. Collect the data with our API or manually through CSV export.

Give us a try to realize any form: contact, sign-up, log-in, subscription, survey. And you'll see how much time you're going to save! If you use a CMS, download FormForAll's Wordpress form plugin or Drupal form module. Subscribe now and get a first month free trial. Build any php form in responsive design with our php  html form editor. Create your own form, your own  login form in SSL for Drupal. Build your newsletter subscription form with social  login or your Wordpress contact form with double optin. Enjoy!

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