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Once you have signed up to our free form builder plan, you can start building your form. See below for why FormForAll online form builder is the most comprehensive html / php form builder site:

Multilingual Platform:

select which languages to display your form in

Maximize the transformation rate of your form page by allowing prospective clients to visualize your html / php form in their own language. You can do this simply by selecting the language you wish to build your form in, then choose whether you want it automatically translated and displayed in 37 western and Asian languages.

When web users see your form, it will automatically be displayed in their own language based on their IP address or in the form's default language if their language is not yet supported. Users can also manually change the display language to suit their own preferences by selecting their preferred language from the list.

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Drag and Drop Interface:

no programming experience necessary

Simply drag-and-drop the fields you require to create your form. You may insert page sections, or rearrange and reorder fields. If you do not find among our predefined fields list what you are looking for, our html / php form builder enables you to create your own customized fields. Once you have chosen to include a field within your form, additional options are available to you such as whether a certain field is required or not.

Once you have selected the fields you want on your form, you can make further modifications by using our advanced settings options.

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Social log-in, Social sign-in:

increase the transformation rate of your form with our field Connect with Facebook and Google+.

Our social login field Connect with Facebook and Google+ enables you to increase the transformation rate of your form by allowing web users to fill in part of their information using their Facebook / Google+ identity.

In order to take advantage of this feature, simply drag-and-drop the ‘Social Login’ field from the list of fields available when creating your form. Once your form is completed, users will be able to register their information using their Facebook / Google+ identity.

The added bonus of our ‘Social login / Connect with Facebook / Google+' field means the need for additional passwords for your site may be eliminated.

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Publish your form

Once your html / php form is created, it is ready to publish.

Security and Encryption:

Please notice that FormForAll has been developed using Scala, a Java compatible programming language that is more productive, scalable and reliable.
Furthermore, your data security being a priority to us, we also provide the option to have your form submitted with an SSL browser encryption.

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The Choice Between Java Script and a Hosted URL:

FormForAll allows you to integrate your form onto your site in two different ways. You can both copy and paste a JavaScript which will embed your form on an html / php page of your site, or select a hosted URL that provides a link to your form from another web page or an e-mail.

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Submission confirmation:

Every time a form is submitted, we can send a confirmation e-mail on your behalf to your web users.

As well, a message can be displayed when the form is submitted, or the user can be redirected to the URL of your choice.

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Are you looking to build a web form on your site using a CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal or Wix? Are you looking for a Wordpress form builder plugin? Would you like to use our Drupal form API?

We have a Wordpress contact form plugin and a Drupal webform module such that you can easily access to your FormForAll forms from your CMS interface and embed them on a page of your site.

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Adding Captcha:

Additionally, if you wish to add a Captcha at the end of your html / php form you may do so by selecting this feature from the options menu.

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Responsive design:

All forms published with FormForAll are in responsive design.

This means that your forms will be totally adapted to PCs, tablets and smartphones, provided your own site is also in responsive design.

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Double opt-in:

You may choose to authenticate your web users’ email address with FormForAll double opt-in option.

When your web users submit their form, an e-mail with a verification link is sent to their declared e-mail address.

When the web user clicks on the link in the e-mail, we pass the information on to you.

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Collect your data

Once your form is online and operational, you can collect your data.

Our API or export CSV:

Our form builder allows you to simply retrieve the data we have collected for you. Using the API provided allows you to integrate your own data on your database system, or you can choose to export your data using our Export CSV tool.

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E-mail notification:

We can send you an e-mail as soon as a form has been submitted, including all submission's details.

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Reports and Data Analysis:

Our reports and data analysis section gives you all the basic and necessary information you need to analyze the performance of your form.

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