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Have your visitors registering using our social login in your Wordpress site. Social login increases your form's transformation rate by up to 70%, proposing users to register with their Facebook or Google+ account. Save hours of fastidious coding with our drag & drop platform because we've done the work for you! In one click add our social login field to any of your form asking for a User ID or an email. Work on its design, on notification and confirmation messages. To embed it into your website, download and install our social icons plugin for Wordpress, which is recognized as the most simple social plugin for Wordpress on the market. Our FormForAll icon will appear on your site bar menu, and all forms created on your account will be listed under it.

To collect users' data, use our API, for which all explanations are given in our documentation. Open a FormForAll account now, download our Wordpress social icons plugin, and start building your forms right away!

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