You are coding in HTML and you are looking to create HTML forms. With FormForAll, you easily create in seconds any HTML form!

Looking to create a HTML contact form?

Build web forms in html with our easy-to-use drag & drop interface.

Use our SETTINGS option to upload a logo, to choose the color and the size of the font, the background color.
Decide whether you want to include a Captcha, or to have your form submitted with an SSL browser encryption.
Select which kind of notification you want every time a user fills your form, and whether you want to use our exclusive double opt-in feature.

Then, in your PUBLISH menu, copy the customized JavaScript that we provide you and simply paste it in your code in order to embed your form in your HTML site.

The HTML version we are using for your HTML forms is HTML5, the latest version of HTML.

Are you using a CMS?

If you are building a site under WIX, simply copy and paste the html code that we provide you.

Click on the WIX logo to know more about our solution.