Multilingual display:

reach customers worldwide.

FormForAll allows you to display your html / php form in multiple languages. All predefined fields will then be automatically shown in the language of the IP address country (if supported) or in the form's default language. Web users can however manually change the display language to suit their own personal preferences.

Languages currently supported include:
  • Arabic,
  • Armenian,
  • Bengali,
  • Bulgarian,
  • Catalan,
  • Chinese (simple),
  • Chinese (traditional),
  • Czech,
  • Danish,
  • Dutch,
  • English (US),
  • English (UK),
  • Estonian,
  • Finnish,
  • French,
  • Flemish,
  • Georgian,
  • German,
  • Greek,
  • Hebrew,
  • Hindi,
  • Hungarian,
  • Indonesian,
  • Italian,
  • Japanese,
  • Korean,
  • Lithuanian,
  • Norwegian,
  • Persian,
  • Polish,
  • Portuguese,
  • Slovak,
  • Spanish,
  • Swedish,
  • Russian,
  • Turkish.
  • Ukrainian.
contact form builder FormForAll

An Extensive Selection of Form Fields

The most commonly used predefined form fields available are Name, Email, Address, Place of Birth, Phone Number, I.D, Date and Credit card information. Once you have selected your required field, additional options are available such as adding a title or suffix field, or an email validation field under the Email field. If you are unable to find what you are looking for among our predefined fields, our customized fields’ options allow you to create your own. Your forms may also include a text field, radio buttons, check boxes, file uploads, submit buttons and if required, you may divide your form into different sections. You can also decide whether certain information relating to each field is mandatory or optional.

Social Log-in, Social Sign-in field: Connect with Facebook and Google+

To maximize the completion rate of your form, we recommend that you use our Social Login / Connect with Facebook and Google+ field on the top of your form. This gives users the option to complete your form with their Facebook / Google+ information (lastname, firstname, birth date and email).

Since Facebook and Google+ already checked the existence of the account, you may not need to ask your users for a password to sign-up to your site.

To integrate our social login with your CMS, simply download our social icons plugin for Wordpress or our Drupal module.


To customize the top of your html / php form, you may upload your company logo.

Select your font and color

FormForAll online form builder allows you to select your font, its size and color. Select as well the background color of your form or choose it to be transparent to fully integrate your form to the background color of your site.

Define your own CSS

To further customize your form, you may define your own CSS.

Publishing options

Once your form is created, it is ready to publish.

Security and Encryption

Please notice that FormForAll has been developed using Scala, a Java compatible programming language that is more productive, scalable and reliable than a simple PHP form builder.
Furthermore, your data security being a priority to us, we also provide the option to have your form submitted with an SSL browser encryption.

Adding Captcha

Additionally, if you wish to add a Captcha at the end of your form you may do so by selecting this feature from the options menu.

Adding a Captcha is a solution to limit negative spamming effects.

The Choice Between JavaScript and a Hosted URL

FormForAll allows you to integrate your form onto your site in two different ways. You can both copy and paste a JavaScript which will embed your form on an HTML page of your site, or select a hosted URL that provides a link to your form from another web page.

Responsive design, HTML 5

All forms published with FormForAll are in responsive design.

Our HTML form builder also builds your online forms in HTML5, the latest version of HTML.

This means that your FormForAll forms will be totally adapted to PCs, tablets and smartphones, provided your own site is also in responsive design.

Double opt-in

You may choose to authenticate your web users' email address with FormForAll double opt-in option.

Double opt-in or confirmed opt-in is an e-mail address authentication process.

Your form must include either our e-mail address field or our Sign up field with the choice "E-mail".

When your web users submit their form, an e-mail with a verification link is sent to their declared e-mail address.

When the web user clicks on the link in the e-mail, we pass the information on to you.

To use double opt-in as part of your site’s sign-up process, please read our documentation to use our Records API to retrieve the information that we have authenticated the declared e-mail address and allow it to log-in to your site.

Submission confirmation

Every time a form is submitted, we can send a confirmation e-mail on your behalf to your web users. This is a FormForAll service that you do not have to pay another third party for.

As well, a message can be displayed when the form is submitted, or the user can be redirected to the URL of your choice.

Data Collection

Email notification

When someone completes your online form, the option to have an email notification sent to your recipient is available. You may also choose to have an email notification sent to you every time a form is submitted.

Data Hosted

We host your collected data on our secured database until you decide to retrieve it. You can do this by exporting in CSV, or by using our API with a database or an application.

Retrieve your data with our API.

You need your data on a real-time basis? Or you just want to collect it automatically?

Use FormForAll online form builder API to retrieve your data. Our documentation tells you in detail how to proceed.

Reports and analytics

Our reports and data analysis section gives you all the basic and necessary information you need to analyze the performance of your form.