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Create a login form and embed it into your website in seconds. Absolutely no coding necessary.

FormForAll's web form generator allows you to create your login form in seconds, whatever your proficiency in coding is. Simply select among the tens of predefined ones our login field. In just one click, you have realised a simple login form : ID/ email and password / confirm your password. But you can add to it our social login field, to help users login quickly with their Google+ / Facebook profile. You can also include a Captcha to reduce spam. Your log-in form need then to be published. You do that copying the JavaScript that we provide. You may also download our Wordpress / Drupal form module or use our dedicated Wix JavaScript. Users' data are collected with our API or with an Export CSV.

Each html php form you build on FormForAll saves you hours of coding that you can use for some more useful tasks. Realize instantly a contact form with double optin, a login form with social login, a signup form with SSL, a multilingual registration form. Subscribe now and get new customers with your form by the end of the day.

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