If you are looking to build a site with WIX and include a form, we have the solution for you. Just copy and paste the HTML code that we provide you and embed easily your forms on your site.


Do you want to create a WIX contact form using FormForAll unique features? Your forms created on FormForAll are easily embedded on your site with the HTML code that we provide you.

While editing your WIX site, just click on the Add button on the left and then click on Apps. Finally, click on HTML. In the settings window which opens, select HTML code in the Mode menu, and paste the HTML code that we provide you with once your form is created and ready to be published.Finally click on the Update button to display your form and resize it if you want.

Instead of proposing you a Wix form widget, we provide you with a JavaScript to make sure that all FormForAll’s features will correctly work on your site.

On your FormForAll account, create any Wix form, any Wix contact form or Wix registration form in seconds. Use our ready-made login field for a basic login form for your Wix site. Select as well our sign-up field for a classic sign up form for your Wix site .

Creating a registration form or any online form for your Wix site with FormForAll is a childish game.

WIX webform